Guide to the Wildlife of Perth and Australia's South West

Simon Nevill

The highest selling and most comprehensive wildlife guide book in South Western Australia!

This (reissued) much-respected and encyclopaedic guide, first published in 2014, is indispensable to anyone with an interest in the wide variety of fauna and flora to be found in the south west of Australia. The area bounded by the Margaret River region in the far south west of Western Australia, Lancelin to the north of Perth, Esperance on the mid-south coast and the inland township of Southern Cross is home to a surprisingly diverse range of wildlife, both plants and animals.

The expert authors of this book have included a broad selection of the wildlife most likely to be encountered by those living in and travelling though the region. The selection includes many representatives of the animal kingdom from small insects to the largest marsupials, and also an impressive selection of the most beloved wildflowers.

Over 1200 photographs provide easy identification and every species is given a brief description together with essential details. The book also includes a section on how to unobtrusively observe wildlife plus a comprehensive 30-plus page review of the best places to observe wildlife, including all the significant National and Conservation Parks in the region.

About the Author:
Although born in the UK, Simon Nevill has spent most of his life in Australia. He ran bird tours for over 20 years, taking clients overseas and to every state in Australia including all the main desert regions of this vast country. In the process, he has seen the vast majority of its land birds. Having spent over 40 years looking at birds, he has now developed a keen interest in wildflowers and other groups of the animal kingdom although birding knowledge will always be second nature to him. He hopes this guide book will encourage more people to get to know the wonderful world of nature. 

Dimensions: H 21.7cm x W 12.7cm

ISBN: 9781921874246

Publisher: Woodslane Press

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 332