Grow Your Own Bushfoods

Grow Your Own Bushfoods: A Complete Guide to Planting, Eating and Harvesting
Keith and Irene Smith

Comprehensive and practical guide to growing and harvesting Australian bushfoods.

'Grow Your Own Bushfoods' is the first ever comprehensive and practical guide to growing and harvesting more than 140 kinds of Australian bushfoods right in your own backyard. Detailed plant profiles describe ideal growing conditions and characteristics of each species. In addition there are suggestions on the best ways to prepare and eat your bushfoods. A bushfood directory is also included which lists suppliers of catalogues, seeds and seedlings as well as native plant gardens open for inspection.

Written with an emphasis on using natural growing methods, 'Grow Your Own Bushfoods' enables everyone to enjoy Australian bushfoods while at the same time preserving our endangered plant species.

Dimensions: H 23.5cm x W 15.5cm x D 1cm

ISBN: 9781864364590

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: 1999

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 139