Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot

Alton Walley
Illustrated by Sandy Fordham, Rosalie Okely and Richard Walley

Chunyart had dreamed of this day since he was a little boy. He was finally old enough to go hunting with his dad.

A young Nyoongar boy called Chunyart is taking his first journey towards becoming a man. He has much to learn from his family about the land and its useful plants. But with a cheeky parrot for a friend, there is plenty of mischief along the way.

This book has been produced by Kings Park Education to celebrate the rich Aboriginal history of the local area and tell the story of how plants were traditionally used to sustain human life through food, medicine, shelter, protection and tools.

"Beautifully illustrated and educational, Alton Walley's story invites us into a Nyoongar world where we join a boy as he expands his sense of self and home, and so begins his journey toward maturity." - Kim Scott, Winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award

Dimensions: H 21cm x W 29.5cm

ISBN: 9781876479183

Publisher: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

Publication Date: 2013

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 31