A Field Guide to the Flora of the Tarin Rock Reserves

A Field Guide to the Flora of the Tarin Rock Reserves
Jolanda Keeble

A guide to the flora of Tarin Rock Nature Reserve and Tarin Rock Water Reserve, located between Dumbleyung and Lake Grace, Western Australia, including information on fauna and fungi observed in the reserves.

About the author:
Born in the Netherlands, Jolanda has lived in Western Australia since 2004. Her career focused on environmental management, mainly of human-altered landscapes, but her passion lies with observing and documenting aspects of natural history as a citizen scientist. She has been active as a volunteer for both the Wildflower Society of Western Australia and the Western Australian Naturalists' Club since 2004. In 2015 she finished her career in the oil and gas industry and began photographing, identifying and writing on Western Australian flora for selected locations, as she found there is still much to learn about the flora diversity and it is not readily available in the public domain.

Dimensions: H 29.5cm x W 22cm

ISBN: 9780994555472

Publisher: JKeeble

Publication Date: 2021

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 161