Djerap: Noongar Birds

Djerap: Noongar Birds
Maree Klesch (editor), Lois Spehn-Jackson (editor)

'Djerap' is an amazing resource that has been a couple of years in the making. Djerap is a very significant publication because it is the first Noongar book to include the three contemporary Noongar dialects in one book. The cover shows the two moieties of the Noongar Nation; Waardong (Australian Raven) and Manatj (Western Long-billed Corella), representing Noongar people standing together to revive their language and culture. 'Djerap' is the largest collection of Noongar birds in one publication, with 198 birds listed. The book includes a detailed word list in the three dialects, plus many other terms related to birds, their habitats and their life cycles.

'Djerap' is organised into four sections reflecting habitats in the south-west of WA; Balyan-boodja (Wetlands), Moondak (Forest), Waaloo (Open Country) and Maambakoort-ngat (Coastal).

Dimensions: H 18cm x W 14.5cm

Note: Text in Nyungar language and English

ISBN: 9781741312928

Publisher: Batchelor Press Institute

Publication Date: January 2014

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 218