Banksias: A Field and Garden Guide

Banksias: A Field and Garden Guide
Ivan Holliday and Geoffrey Watton

A comprehensive guide to one of Australia's best known and most attractive genus of native plants. Although differing greatly in size, shape and habitat, all banksias share the beauty of brilliant, bird attracting flowers. This handbook includes identification, distribution and cultivation information.

About the Authors:
Ivan Holliday is the author of sixteen books on Australian plants, is a life member of the Australian Plant Society - South Australia and a regular contributor to journals on Australian flora.

Geoffrey Watton is also a member of the Australian Plant Society- South Australia and a leading authority on banksias and their cultivation. He has collaborated with Ivan Holliday on 'Banksias: A Field and Garden Guide' and two other titles on native Australian plants.

Dimensions: H 22cm x W 12 cm

ISBN: 9780980301311

Publisher: Australian Plants Society Incorporated. - South Australia

Publication Date: 2008

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 191