Aboriginal Six Seasons Candles

The Noongar seasons have always been a part of Aboriginal life and like time itself, the six Noongar seasons represent a predictable timetable of foreseeable events. Acknowledgement that nothing is unconnected and each change is being influenced by the last.

These candles are individually hand-poured in the south west of Western Australia and feature a unique fragrance blend invoking each season.

The First Summer - December and January - Season of the Young
The colour for Birak is pink - to represent the magnificent sunrise and sunsets during this season.

Second Summer - February and March - Season of Adolescence
The colour for Bunuru in red - to represent the heat and hot weather.

Autumn Season - April and May - Season of Adulthood
The colour for Djeran is green - to represent inland travels.

First Rain - June and July - Fertility Season
The colour for Makuru is blue - to represent rain coming.

Second Rain - August and September - Season of Conception
The colour for Djilba is orange - to represent warmth from campfires, hunting practices and the earth’s preparation for the flowering season of Kambarang.

Flowering Season - October and November - Season of Birth
The colour for Kambarang is yellow - to represent the wildflowers that cover the country during this season.

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: 100% soy wax

Note: 40-45 hours burn time

Packaging: Tin with lid