A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia


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A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia: Sixth Edition
Steve Wilson and Gerry Swan

'A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia' has been the most comprehensive field guide available on the subject since the first edition was published in 2003. As new species are discovered, known ranges extended and higher quality images become available, updated editions of the book have been written to reflect these changes. This new edition adds 92 reptile species, mostly comprising new descriptions since the publication of the fifth edition, plus 10 species that come with the inclusion of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

This sixth edition of the book includes images, descriptions and maps for all 1,109 species of Australian reptiles described up until the end of June 2020. Some of these are pictured in life for the first time, and many are represented by several images to depict geographical and sexual differences.

The book features easy-to-use diagnostic illustrations to explain anatomical features, a comprehensive glossary, and the more significant reptile habitats are pictured. Each species has a clear and concise text description to aid identification, with diagnostic differences from confusion species given in bold font. Each species has a distribution map and image(s) on the facing page. For ease of use there are indexes to scientific and common names.

Designed as a field guide, with a sturdy plastic cover and compact layout, the target readership for this book is anyone with an interest in reptiles, whether scientists or amateurs. It is regarded as the standard reference guide for professionals working in the eld and is also popular with general naturalists.

Dimensions: H 22.6cm x W 15.3cm x D 4.2cm

ISBN: 9781925546712

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: 2021

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 572