The Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff

The Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff
By Warren Andersen

Iwanoff unified international modernism, Besser block relief and innovation with material use and construction to create a unique aesthetic putting Perth onto the global architecture map. 

A comprehensive review of houses, commercial buildings, apartments and shop fit-outs from 1950 to 1986. Including historical photography, drawings, furniture and unbuilt projects this book takes the reader on a fresh journey through three decades of Iwanoff's design innovation and influences. 

Underpinned by five years of research in university archives in Australia, Germany and Bulgaria, it examines Iwanoff's legacy through recollections of his sons, Michael and Nicolai Iwanoff, as well as professional architects, artists, contractors and home owners.

Dimensions: H 29.5cm x W 26cm x D 1.2cm

Volume/Weight: 1200g

ISBN: 9780645749304

Publisher: Bossanova Lounge

Publication Date: May 2024

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 174