Tony Docherty

Designer-maker Tony Docherty has been supplying leading wood galleries in Western Australia and the eastern states since the early nineties, with work ranging from large one off pieces of furniture to an exquisite range of beautiful home and kitchen wares. He has a keen interest in exploring effective methods for sustainable and efficient use of materials; this is reflected in the wide range of work produced from his workshop - very little wood is considered waste. His distinctive, organic forms express a fascination with the interplay between the design process and the material’s inherent features.

Tony has acquired wood from many diverse sources including farms, old disused buildings and bridges, and sustainable milling. The timbers used in Tony's practise include red tingle, sheoak, jarrah, marri and wandoo. He also uses rare woods from the semi arid regions of WA such as jam, quondong and mulga.

Mallee roots, once cleared from the wheatbelt by the million and burnt, are also used in sculptural works with an emphasis on bringing the amazing colour and grain of the wood to the fore, while leaving the grey weathered age lines to reflect their years in the harsh Australian environment.

After residing for 25 years in Denmark, Western Australia, Tony has recently moved his workshop to the Fremantle area where a new phase of work and development continues to unfold.

Made in Western Australia.

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