Rodney Blumenfeld

Rodney Blumenfeld creates deeply textured, sensual and motif-laden forms.
Each innovative and unique art piece strives to maintain a traditional tribal identity transposed into contemporary art, craft and design.

Within each singular expression of creativity lies a precious reminder of ritual and custom exuding presence of age old mystery while spontaneously arousing the vital powers of imagination.

Rodney completed a Bachelor of Architecture at the University Natal South Africa in 1980, before going on to study Ceramic Science at the Technikon, Durban, Natal in 1986.

Rodney’s works can be found in the private collections of Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Peter Gabriel and Tina Turner. He is also showcased in public and corporate collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in Canada and Longhouse Reserve, New York.

Made in Western Australia.

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