Miranda Green

A talent for millinery, the design and creation of hats, and a dream to interweave fantasy with the fabric of everyday life have made Miranda Green into an internationally successful entrepreneur.

Her dexterity and flair with a needle and thread were first discovered in the course of occupational therapy workshops. When she channelled this talent into millinery she found a sense of achievement and purpose, forging a career path which has taken her hats around the globe and brought her wide acclaim. The hats speak for themselves, which isn't surprising, considering the fact that each possesses its own name, story, theme and distinctive personality.

Miranda Green's contemporary millinery style involves sourcing textiles; designing patterns to suit the chosen textiles; hand-stitching around clever configurations of boning, plastic and elastic; and embellishing the finished product with unique decorative feathers, richly hued braids and strikingly sculptured flowers. The techniques and patterns used in the creation of these amazing hats have been developed by Ms Green herself.

Made in Western Australia.

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