ka:ke is an artistic collaboration between Kate Rae and Kerry O’Flaherty.

Bringing 20 years combined experience in the architecture and design industry, kake began as a joint exploration into creating small objects of art to decorate both the body and the home, and has grown to undertaking bespoke art commissions.

ka:ke's creations combine the beauty and tactility of different raw materials, patinas, texture and colour to provoke interaction and fascination. Their work focuses on a strong geometrical language, simple lines and bold shapes, intersecting materials, exploring each materials natural qualities and patinas to play with contrast and balance.

A love of experimenting and hands-on building and sculpting have led ka:ke to explore re-purposing found objects of plastics, ceramics and wood, combined with various metals to create collections of unique and striking sculptural objects, jewellery and mobiles.

Made in Western Australia.

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