Julia Storey

Since graduating from RMIT’s prestigious Fine Arts department with a degree in Gold and Silversmithing, Julia Storey has established a boutique jewellery studio in Collingwood, Melbourne and has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally.

Julia’s recent work links concepts of submerged aquatic life with the peculiarities of nature experienced in her daily life. Her jewellery alludes to structures and compositions of coral and marine vegetation, with connections at once overlapping and embracing in nature. Her pieces depict multi-narratives marrying the elements of water and earth, depicted through varying forms and techniques in silver and gold, sporadically complemented with pearls and gemstones. With collections portraying ripples of ocean tides, protectively clustered coral, weightless forms drifting and recoiling from marine predators, Julia’s precious creations allude to memories of these events, physically floating and swaying with the dynamic movement of the wearer.

Made in Australia.

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