Jessica Jubb

Jessica Jubb is an Australian born visual artist exploring the creative disciplines of contemporary jewellery and public sculpture. She is an honours graduate (first class) of Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, where she studied Visual Arts and Psychology.

Jessica’s artwork reflects her interest in native flora and fauna, complex natural systems, and the interconnectedness of all things. Inspiration is taken daily from the natural bushlands surrounding her home among the eastern hills of Perth, Western Australia.

Committed to living an ethical life, Jessica is also interested in crafting a home life worth living. This sees her spending her spare time on the often unknowable adventure, and unquantifiable pleasure that encompasses all things homesteading.

Jessica's jewellery brand was founded more than a decade ago and she committed to giving her art longevity by making it wearable.

Dedicated to an art-savvy, earth-aware consumer, the brand fuses collectable craftsmanship with wearable styling resulting in contemporary accessories with lasting composition. The core philosophy is to offer thoughtfully designed, deliberately constructed, handcrafted jewellery inspired by the natural world. The brand ethos is: authentic, enduring and organic.

Released annually, each new collection is a progression from the last and follows the journey made by Jessica through the wilderness that is her life, with the environment as her muse.

By using copper as the core material, Jessica has created a unique and recognisable brand image. Copper’s natural beauty and inherent changeability sees it at the heart of every story, accompanied by 100% recycled silver, brass, etched endemic flora motifs and vegetable-dyed kangaroo leather – all mindfully selected to ensure eco-responsibility and fair pricing.

Made in Western Australia.

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