Holly Grace

Over the course of her career, Western Australian glassmaker, Holly Grace has emerged as one of the most innovative and driven makers of her generation. Now based in Melbourne, Grace studied at Monash University, majoring in glass with first class honors and completing her Masters of Fine Art in 2004. Her practice stems from a fascination with the natural world and the poetic interpretation of natural forms. Over recent years she has travelled the world in a series of residencies and mentorships with some of the world’s leading glass artists, self-initiated to allow her to gain the broadest range of experience possible. Since 2002, Holly has worked in Denmark’s prestigious Ebeltoft Glass Museum, resided at the art school Bornholm and been mentored by leading British glass artist, Neil Wilkin, who like Holly draws his inspiration from the myriad of forms found in nature.

Holly’s practice is characterised by a rare respect and fascination with historical glass techniques, she is particularly interested in the way early industrial designers assimilated patterns from nature to design and decorate mass-produced objects.  It is this interaction and decorative process she explores, drawing from both nature and its industrial interpretation as a source of form and decoration to create a variety of hybrid objects, a synthesis of man and nature.  Through sandblasting, engraving and glue-chipping the outer and inner surfaces of the forms, she highlights the transparent qualities of the glass.

Made in Australia.

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