Erin Kate Venville is the name and face behind erin.k jewellery. Established in 2006, erin.k is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique designs, created in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Croydon South.

Erin combines her love of photography, wildlife and nature with her jewellery designs to stunning effect. The vast colour palette, textures and patterns in nature inspire her designs. Sometimes whimsical, always unique and creative, with high quality at the forefront.

Erin specialises in a metal printing process which allows her to transfer photographs and artworks onto metal sheeting. This process gives her the opportunity to create amazing designs in collaboration with other artists.

Erin is working at developing new ideas and expanding the techniques she uses and materials she works with. Driven by the creative process Erin thrives on the challenges and inspiration it brings to her life.

Made in Australia.

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