Andrew Tremain

Ceramic artist Andrew Tremain was born in England and emigrated to Australia in 2005. Andrew now resides in Perth’s Northern suburbs where he works from his Wangara studio. Specialising in crystalline glazes, Andrew’s practice is largely process driven, requiring a high degree of technical skill. Andrew develops his own glazes and continuously experiments to achieve new, distinctive, contrasting colour combinations, between the background glaze matrix and crystal layers.

The firing process is crucial, where there is no control over how many crystals there are or where they will form. The pieces are fired to 1280C then quickly cooled to between 1020°C and 1020°C, the crystal growing range, where the kiln is then held for between two to eight hours. With slight variations in temperature different shaped crystals can be achieved. Wheel-thrown curved porcelain forms enhance colour and crystal growth.

The inspiration for his forms comes from all around him, as well as letting his mind roam, creating curved forms that are visually appealing and enhance the crystals that form in his glazes. His crystalline glazes have a high glass like shine that captures the light and makes the crystal formations pop out from the surface that result in subtle depths of surface. Andrew’s pieces create a horizon of heights, shapes and colour variations that are a pleasure to live with.

“Making my own glazes, I love to experiment to find new colour combinations and throwing forms to best enhance the crystal formations.”

Made in Western Australia.

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