Yinti, Desert Child



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Pate Lowe and Jimmy Pike

The first book in the Yinti series of three books. 

The stories are linked in a sequence that shows Yinti's development from a young bushie to a competent station worker and adult. Yinti is a traditional Walmajarri Aboriginal boy growing up Great Sandy Desert in the remote North West of Australia — one of the most marginal environments on earth. This is the story of Yinti's coming of age. He has no contact with white people until the last chapter of the book when he meets his first white man, first horse and first bullock.

The stories are based on people and events as told to Pat Lowe by Jimmy Pike.

For ages nine to 12 years old

Dimensions: H 19.8cm x W 12.8cm

ISBN: 9781925768831

Publisher: Magabala Books

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 136