What Colour is the Sea?

Katie Stewart

A vibrant picture book featuring Australian animals that explores the concept of perception.

Koala has a question for her friends - what colour is the sea? But they all give her different answers, and Koala doesn't know who to believe.

Owl suggests she finds out for herself. Koala sets off for the sea, only to discover that all her friends are right - the sea is no colour and many colours. A beautiful tale of discovery and perception.

For ages two to five years old

About the Author:
Katie Stewart is an author and illustrator. Born in the north of England, she came to Australia at the age of nine. She started her working life as an archaeologist and ethnohistorian, went on to teaching and then to being a mother. She later worked in a school library, but her lifelong dream was to be what she is now. She is married to a farmer, has three children and lives north of Northam, where her love of animals means she has a lot of pets and takes lots of nature photos. In her spare time, she tries to play the harp or wanders the countryside with a metal detector amusing the neighbours and occasionally finding an interesting piece of history.

Dimensions: H 24.1cm x W 24cm x D 1cm

ISBN: 9781925816389

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Publication Date: 2020

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 32