Western Australian Plant Names and Their Meanings

F. A. Sharr and A. S. George

Sharr's popular 'Western Australian Plant Names and Their Meanings', explaining the scientific names of all native and naturalised plants in the State, has been out of print for some years. This third edition brings it up-to-date with the names of some 2000 plants that have been added to the State's flora since the previous edition of 1996. A new section includes the names of subspecies and varieties.

A feature is the inclusion of the genus for each specific name, or more when the same name has been used more than once. In total the book explains some 1623 generic names, 5718 specific and 896 intraspecific epithets.

Having studied Latin to tertiary level, and having studied the flora for 60 years, Alex George is well-placed to prepare this new edition.

Dimensions: H 20cm x W 13cm

ISBN: 9780958034180

Publisher: Four Gables Press

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 399