Truth Print

From Djarliny's Series II collection


"A collaboration without vice, coercion, agenda or ego. An inceptual idea that is tested against all other knowledge, forged only by those who relentlessly seek nothing more than the real answers. There is no place for guessing or manipulation. It is not something that can be compromised by singular intention and has no aversion towards our invested interests. It can only ever be what it is and has no concern for what we would like it to be. Just as pieces of a puzzle can only ever fall perfectly together. It is known by all but only acknowledged by those humble enough to accept it. It is the truth." - Djarliny

Limited edition A2 fine art print from an original canvas painting

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: Fine art giclee print - 100% cotton, textured, genuine Aquarelle Rag weighing 310g/m2, pure white with no OBA's (Optical Brightening Agents)

Dimensions: A2 size - H 42cm x W 59.4cm (image size H 36cm x W 38cm)

Note: Limited edition of 100 prints. Print only - frame not included.

Packaging: Comes with foam backing in a cello bag