The Secrets of Great Botanists



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The Secrets of Great Botanists: And What They Teach Us About Gardening
Matthew Biggs

Botanists have been the trailblazers in discovering how plants work to benefit our species, collecting many of the plant-species we find in our gardens today from all around the world.

This informative and beautiful guide presents the stories and reveals the secrets of 35 of these botanists, plant collectors and gardening pioneers of the past and present. This includes Joseph Banks, Asa Gray and Marianne North, highlighting the qualities that brought them success. Every botanist included in 'The Secrets of Great Botanists' was, or is, passionate about their particular specialty. Whether they were searching for plants in wild places, prescribing herbal medicines or forming new structures of plant classification, they were driven by an insatiable desire to learn and discover, so that we, as humans, might benefit from improved crops, medicines or gardens.

Through the vibrancy of botanical photographs and beautifully illustrated period botanical watercolours, this book aims to teach readers about the observations, ideas, secrets and discoveries of these ground-breaking botanists. Their influence on gardening and the wider world will provide inspiration and practical guidance for budding gardeners of all levels and inspire readers to try these plants and tips at home.

Features Joseph Banks (James Cook’s botanist on the Endeavour), Georgiana Molloy (one of the first botanists in the Swan River Colony in Western Australia) and William Colenso (twenty-six New Zealand plants have been named in Colenso’s honour).

About the Author:
Matthew Biggs trained at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has presented numerous TV gardening programs and is a regular on UK radio. Author of and contributor to several books and magazines, Matthew is also a highly regarded lecturer. He has travelled widely and is fascinated by global gardening.

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ISBN: 9781925820256

Publisher: Exisle Publishing Pty Ltd

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 224