The Little Veggie Patch Deck of Cards

The Little Veggie Patch Co: An A-Z guide to growing food in small spaces
Deck of Cards
Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember

What could be more perfect - a box of instructional cards on how to grow your own food ... in a box (or a pot)!

Best-selling veggie authors Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember run a successful business installing edible gardens: in polystyrene boxes on balconies, in crates you can put anywhere in your backyard, or by creating no-dig, raised garden beds. After years of helping clients to grow their own fruit and vegetables they believe anyone can create their own little edible garden, in most any area. And in this fun box of A-Z veggie cards they show you how simple it is!

The deck features 26 individual cards on the most popular vegetables from apples to zucchini, each complete with detailed planting information, ongoing maintenance advice, tips on best companions and when to harvest. There are also six beautiful fold-out recipe cards, featuring dishes that use produce grown in abundance in many gardens such as Beetroot and Chocolate Cake, Zucchini and Dill Fritters with Whipped Feta and Pasta with Broccoli, Ricotta & Chilli.

A must-have beginner's guide and the perfect gift, this colourful little deck is for anyone interested in growing their own food.

About the Authors:
Growing up in an Italian family, for Fabian Capomollo, Sunday lunch would always consist of loud arguments, pasta, veggies from the garden, and would finish with an espresso and a selection of ripe fruit from the backyard orchard. All Mat Pember's childhood memories revolve around his Nonna and Nonno's backyard near Fremantle, WA. The veggie garden, the enormous garage, where the pork and fennel sausage would hang drying from the ceiling beams, checking the chook shed for eggs, and then looking what was ready for picking in the huge, rambling vegetable patch. Fabian and Mat are The Little Veggie Patch Co, an incredibly busy Melbourne-based business that specialises in helping people grow their own food.

Dimensions: H 17.4cm x W 12.9cm x D 4.1cm

ISBN: 9781742613109

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Publication Date: 2013

Format: Cards in box