The Gum Family Finds a Home



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Tania McCartney, illustrated by Christina Booth

Kids love rocks. They also love to learn. 'The Gum Family Finds Home' brings these two truths together in a delightful Australian story that introduces concepts of geology to a young audience. But this is not a fact-heavy schoolbook. It is essentially a charming story about home and family that celebrates the stunning Australian landscape and its flora and fauna. The book's action plays out through a family of koalas, the Gum family, who hitch up their caravan and set off to search for the perfect home. The idea that animals might go travelling to see the sights, or indeed want to find a more better home, creates a link between the reader and the exciting adventures the characters are experiencing. 

'The Gum Family Finds Home' uses storytelling to introduce the natural world to children as the Gum family travels the country. The sheer variety and imposing grandeur of Australian geological formations are captured, from Uluru to King's Canyon, from gorges and limestone pillars to precariously placed boulders and sweeping plains. These are introduced in the story through minimal text and lavish illustrations, then extended in a separate section providing accessible information and photographic images. This enables a parent, teacher or older reader to satisfy the further interest in geology that the story is sure to stimulate.

For ages four years and older

Dimensions: H 25.5cm x W 24.4cm

ISBN: 9780642279255

Publisher: National Library of Australia

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 40