Starry Night Wrap

The Starry Night Wrap features a stunning sunset over the Wilson Inlet at one end, which gradually fades into the silhouette of banksia trees, and the night sky glowing with stars.
The other end has a subtle shot of the same inlet view during a lightning show.

"Often we stare up at the stars and ponder their beauty and the meaning of life. Or sometimes I think of loved ones passed over. This wrap is dedicated to my Nan, Clara Chapman, who taught me at a very young age to see the pattern and beauty in things, large and small." - Christine Gregory, Chrisea Designs

The Starry Night Wrap is created from an original print by Chrisea Designs, printed on wool/silk blend fabric.

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: Wool / silk blend, digitally printed

Dimensions: L 200cm x W 70cm

Note: Each piece is handmade and unique. Colours, patterns and shapes may vary slightly from the images shown online. Sizes are approximate.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only