Rogue: Art of a Garden

Rogue: Art of a Garden
Rick Eckersley

Musk Cottage garden is maverick designer Rick Eckersley's own private garden. It is the culmination of decades of experimentation in Australian landscape gardening and an emphatic expression of the loose, almost painterly approach to landscape design that Eckersley is renowned for. 'Rogue: Art of a Garden' documents and explores this remarkable Australian landscape and the sensibility that produced it. Much like the garden itself, it is far from orthodox. While evocative photography by Will Salter takes the reader on a journey through the gardens plantings, textures, spaces and cycles, the book foregoes the typical series of accompanying explanatory essays. Instead, a selection of artworks by Australian artists, created in response to the garden, form richly subjective layers of interpretation.

Short reflections by Eckersley of his work on the garden, and his learnings from a lifetime spent working within the Australian landscape, round out a publication that strives to capture the spirit of a landscape that has transcended the dogma and conventions of Australian gardening, to become an immersive, total work of art.

Reviews for the book:

“Rogue: Art of a Garden emphasises what Eckersley calls 'the sensory' ... the book serves to evoke a mood. It includes not just images of the Musk Cottage garden and the plants it contained but works by a string of artists inspired by the place.” – The Age

“Rogue will take you on a journey through the landscape, as each piece beautifully captures the textures and layers found within the Musk Cottage garden.” – Meanwhile in Melbourne

Dimensions: H 37cm x W 27.5cm x D 2cm

ISBN: 9780648435518

Publisher: Uro Publications

Publication Date: 2020

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 268