Resin Flow Spice Dish - Monchrome

This little flow spice dish would be perfect for condiments, olives or nuts. Or it would work well on your bedside table for keeping your rings and earrings.

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: Resin, matt finish

Dimensions: H 4.5cm x W 8.5cm

Note: As these resin products are handmade, each piece is unique and we cannot guarantee you will receive an item exactly identical to what is shown online. Colours, swirls and dimensions are a guide only.

Care Instructions: Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated like a ceramic, as it can break when dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Resin homewares are suitable for cold food service only. These products should be handwashed in warm water only. Resin is not fire resistant and so should not be used in an oven, a microwave, dishwasher or as an ashtray.