Pests Diseases and Ailments of Australian Native Plants

Pests, Diseases, Ailments and Allies of Australian Plants: An introduction to some of the good, bad and interesting creatures that you might find in your garden
D Jones, R Elliott, T Blake and S Jones

Amateur and professional gardeners, horticulturists, commercial nurseries and students will find this book invaluable.

'Pests, Diseases and Ailments of Australian Plants' is an authoritative reference on pests, diseases and nutritional disorders of Australian plants, with the authors being acknowledged experts in this field. This book describes over 300 introduced and native pests and diseases.

To find out what pest or disease is causing a problem, simply check the chart for symptoms. Each symptom is cross-referenced to the text, with colour photographs and detailed line drawings of pests, insect life cycles and damage symptoms on plants to help identify your problem. All common and uncommon problems suffered by Australian plants are covered in this book, with each pest being listed with its physical description, regional occurrence, host plants, habits and control methods.

The emphasis is on natural rather than chemical control so that your plants and garden benefit from minimal ecological interference.

Dimensions: H 29cm x W 18.8cm x D 2.6cm

ISBN: 9781877069970

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: 2015

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 448