Merrika Soap

Merrika (broad leaved wattle) leaves are gathered in the bush and by the beach and have been used in traditional bush recipes for centuries. The Merrika Soap gently blends the plant extract with organic coconut and eucalyptus oils to create a gentle, everyday cleanser.

Merrika (broad leaved wattle)
Along with its multitude of uses in soothing the skin, merrika is used by the Groote Eylandt elders as a ‘botanical clock' - they know that when this tree flowers, that the terns are laying their eggs. Traditionally, men used the wood to make the sharp tips of their fishing spears, and women used the wood for digging sticks.

Origin: Made in Australia

Volume/Weight: 120g

Ingredients: Organic natural soap base, coconut oil (refined) (certified organic ACO), Acacia aulacocarpa (broad leaved wattle) extract, eucalyptus oil (certified organic ACO/USDA)