Listography: One List a Day



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Listography: One List a Day - A Three-Year Journal (List Journal, Book of Lists, Guided Journal)
Lisa Nola

A cross between Listography and One Line a Day, this journal invites users to write one short list every day. Each page features the date, one list topic, and space to jot down three things for three successive years. With engaging prompts covering a range of subjects (TV, music, books, work, travel, goals, and more), this illustrated journal serves as a fun little time capsule and bucket list – allowing users to revisit details of daily life as experienced a year (or more) ago.

About the Artist:
Lisa Nola is the author of the bestselling Listography journal series and creator of, a popular social networking website for list makers.

Dimensions: H 16.5cm x W 10.2cm

ISBN: 9781452164441

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Softcover

Number of Pages: 388