Leaf and Branch

Leaf and Branch: Trees and Tall Shrubs of Perth
Robert Powell, Margaret Pieroni and Susan Patrick

Perth’s trees and tall shrubs give us a sense of place and support an abundance of life. This classic book helps the reader not only identify them but also to understand and appreciate them. It describes the appearance and character of each species, its area of occurrence, value to other forms of life and place in the human record. Introductory and closing chapters provide the context discussing soil-types, plant communities, associated life, the beauty of our local trees and shrubs, the threats to their survival and what the reader can do to help conserve them.

Delicate line-drawings reflect the emphasis on each tree or shrub as a whole entity, revealing typical patterns of growth and the mature character of each species. Drawings of insects, birds and other forms of life draw attention to ecological interactions.

This is a reprint of the long out of print second edition that was thoroughly updated and revised in 2009 that included additional information and more illustrations. This reprint does not include a text update.

'Leaf and Branch' makes a fine gift and designed to be read at leisure or used in the field as a quick reference tool. It is highly suitable for nature lovers, students of any age, visitors to Western Australia or anyone attracted to the often subtle beauty of Perth’s trees and tall shrubs.

About the Authors:
Robert Powell's interest in nature began with trees. He grew up in a western suburb of Perth in the 1950s and '60s, where he observed the different species that grew naturally near by. From two mature tuarts on the block next door, seedlings germinated in his family's garden, and Robert watched them develop. Robert majored in mathematics at The University of Western Australia, but also took tertiary units in zoology, botany and ecology. For most of his working life he was involved in conservation, in the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC, now the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) and its predecessors, before retiring in 2009.

Margaret Pieroni trained at the National Art School in Sydney in the early 1950s, before working as an artist in advertising for 20 years, and then moved to Perth in 1974.Margaret's lifelong love of wildflowers has led her to illustrate various publications on the Western Australian flora, including 'Verticordia: The Turner of Hearts' and 'The Dryandras'. She is a founding member of the Botanical Artists Group of Western Australia, and has exhibited her paintings in a number of exhibitions and galleries.

Susan Patrick was born in England, where she first developed her interest in drawing and painting in watercolours, particularly botanical subjects. She studied botany at the University of Leicester. In 1981 Sue left her post as Keeper of Natural History at the Derby Museum to move to Perth, where she worked at the Wildlife Research Centre, Woodvale, carrying out surveys of poorly known plant species and drawing plants for various publications. Later Sue worked as a research scientist at the Western Australian Herbarium.

Dimensions: H 30cm x W 21cm

ISBN: 9780980641738

Publisher: Western Australian Naturalists’ Club

Publication Date: 2009

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 256