Field Guide to Hi Vallee Farm

Field guide to Hi Vallee Farm: A Revised Photographic Guide to the Kwongan Bushland Diversity on Hi Vallee Farm
Compiled by Jolanda Keeble, with special assistance by Don Williams, Joy Williams and Mike Hislop

A field guide describing the flora and some of the fauna, fungi, slime moulds, lichens and mosses at Hi Vallee Farm in the Shire of Coroow, Western Australia. The site is specific to a remnant of high biodiversity but the majority of the flora occurs in the wider region as well such as at Mt Lesueur National Park.

The book contains over 520 native plant species that occur in the Northern Kwongan area. Information on weeds, native animals and some fungi, lichens and mosses as observed on the farm are also included in the book.

Dimensions: A4 size

ISBN: 9780994555458

Publication Date: 2020

Format: Spiral bound with soft sover