Colours of Kambarang Print

From Djarliny's Series II collection

'Colours of Kambarang'

"With an explosion of colours and an in-escapable warmth, Kambarang throws beauty at us from all sides every where we go. Nature is not merely calling us, it is screaming its magnificence as loud as it can in all directions, allowing us to use our eyes to hear the clear announcement of abundance. The abundance of wild flowers 'Djet Malkakoom'." - Djarliny

Limited edition A2 fine art print from an original canvas painting

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: Fine art giclee print - 100% cotton, textured, genuine Aquarelle Rag weighing 310g/m2, pure white with no OBA's (Optical Brightening Agents)

Dimensions: A2 size - H 42cm x W 59.4cm (image size H 36cm x W 43cm)

Note: Limited edition of 100 prints. Print only - frame not included.

Packaging: Comes with foam backing in a cello bag