Ceramic Koala

Australian ceramicist Elodie Barker adores the idea of bringing a still piece of clay to life, giving it a unique personality, something for everyone to enjoy.

2020 brought so much awareness to our disappearing koalas and she has decided to create this gorgeous marsupial for us to enjoy in our homes and help save the koalas.

When you buy this beautiful figure hand-made by our talented artist,  you will be helping the koalas as a % of every sale will be donated to preserve the ecosystem of these beautiful animals.

Origin: Made in Australia

Materials: Underglaze colours, clear glaze, raku clay, porcelain clay. Hand-built, hand-painted, fired in a kiln to 1170 degrees.

Dimensions: Nose to tail L 22-23cm

Note: Each piece is handmade and unique. Colours, patterns and shapes may vary slightly from the images shown online. Sizes are approximate.