Anemone is Not the Enemy



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Anemone is Not the Enemy
Anna McGregor

Anemone lives alone in the rock pool. The tide comes in and the tide goes out.

All Anemone wants is a friend, but friends are hard to make when you accidentally sting everyone who comes near you.

Perhaps Clownfish has a solution to the problem...

'This is, at first glance, a very simple, quite quirky and humorous picture book, with minimal text and appealing, colourful, digitally produced illustrations. But it is also a fascinating introduction to life in a rock pool- who lives there, who visits when the tide comes in, who is stung by the anemone and who it can form a symbiotic relationship with.' - Margaret Hamilton, Books+Publishing

For ages three to six years old

About the Author:
Melbourne-based author/illustrator/designer Anna McGregor is devoted to giving her young readers modern, quirky and conceptual stories from the heart. Her day job is graphic design and when she's not sitting at a desk; Anna enjoys travel, art and picnics with friends.

Dimensions: H 29.6cm x W 22.7cm x D 1cm

ISBN: 9781922310118

Publisher: Scribe Publications

Publication Date: 2020

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 32