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Always Add Lemon: Recipes You Want to Cook, Food You Want to Eat
Danielle Alvarez

Nourishing recipes and inspiring kitchen projects destined for the home cook’s repertoire.

'Always Add Lemon' is the highly anticipated first book from one of the most exciting young chefs cooking in Australia today, Danielle Alvarez. Taking the lessons, skills and tastes acquired working alongside some of the best chefs in the world, Danielle translates formidable kitchen smarts into an inspiring collection of recipes and projects for nourishing, vegetable-forward, seasonal food.

Become acquainted with the basics from home made cheeses to vinegar pickles to brioche before delving into Summer vegetable panzanella, Duck pot pie and Roasted pineapple with salted caramel and rum. With more than 100 recipes paired with creative and foundational projects 'Always Add Lemon' is guaranteed to delight anyone with a skerrick of kitchen ambition and a free afternoon.

'Danielle loves to cook and it shows in every page of this inspirational, beautiful book. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from her recipes and her wise, thoughtful approach.' – David Tanis

'I am delighted by this cookbook.' – Alice Waters

'Danielle is one of my very favourite cooks.' – Skye Gyngell

'Hospitality, kindness and consistency are the attributes that embody the work of Danielle Alvarez.' – Josh Niland

About the Author:
Danielle Alvarez is a force. Born to a food-loving Cuban family in Miami, the lure of the kitchen took her to California to work with some of America's finest, first at The French Laundry, then Boulettes Larder and finally Chez Panisse. In these kitchens she learnt about farm-to-table cooking, responding to the seasons, and working with a menu that evolved daily. As well, the art of cooking with fire, and the joy of kitchen projects – from pickling to preserving, to making bread and yoghurt. Her four years at Chez Panisse under David Tanis and Alice Waters were character forming – she learnt not just old-world techniques and an appreciation for making things from scratch, but also about social responsibility and the role food plays building better, more thoughtful societies. She brought these values with her to Sydney in 2016, when (after a serendipitous encounter) the Merivale Group asked her to head up the kitchen in their strikingly beautiful new Paddington restaurant, Fred's. She and the restaurant won fast acclaim – and continue to be rated among the best in the country. When she is not at Fred's, Danielle is writing recipes for Good Food and Delicious, or at home sharing the joys of her cooking passion with fortunate friends.

Dimensions: H 25.3cm x W 20.1cm

ISBN: 9781743795439

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Publication Date: 2020

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 256