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The future’s looking bright for Aspects designer

Published: 17 April 2019

The future’s looking bright for Aspects designer

Aspects supplier Jane King is no stranger to Kings Park. One half of the husband and wife powerhouse team behind Future Shelter, Jane regularly visits Kings Park to find inspiration in the WA Botanic Garden and bushland. Visits to explore Nottingham Forest, bird sanctuaries and local parks while growing up in rural Lincolnshire, England has developed Jane's interest in how the urban world and nature interact.

Jane tells us that her and (husband) Adam's working partnership didn’t take too long to perfect, 'Adam has a mechanical engineering background and really likes process and I’m all about the design and being creative. Adam deals with the manufacturing – the 'hard work' bit, and I do all of the illustrating which means we don't fight over anything because we have designated roles'.

Having now been in the business for more than 10 years, Jane tells us about how surprised she was to find very few people incorporating native flora and fauna into their designs in Australia. 'Coming from a commercial textile background, I expected to see native animals all over kids clothing, but there just wasn't any. When we started Future Shelter, I didn’t want to do a deer or a squirrel on the products, I wanted to put something local on the products'.

Finding native animals to draw then became half the battle she tells us, 'I used to spend weekends on end in Dryandra just trying to spot a numbat!'

Jane recalls the first time she was asked to design an illustration to decorate the grand windows of Aspects of Kings Park for the annual Kings Park Festival. 'I was asked to draw plants I had never seen before. One of the rules when I was first studying textile design was that you should always know the plant you are drawing. You couldn’t just draw any old rose, you had to know the name of the plant because it would create a more authentic design'.

'The window design always kicks off a big design domino and influences many of our products'. One of the earlier designs Jane drew for the Aspects window included some key landmarks in Kings Park. The DNA Tower was a feature which then made its way onto other products that Future Shelter would eventually sell at Aspects.

When we ask if there are any grand plans Jane has for 2019, she says she wants to sell more of her original artworks and says she’s quite excited about doing more drawing on location which she loves. Jane shows us a collection of drawings she has been working on, on a recent family trip to Walpole. 'I was just sitting along the riverbank on a bench drawing and it started to rain. Being on location really puts you at one with nature and it gives you the true essence of the places and things you’re painting'.

Future Shelter's products are available for purchase in-store and online at Aspects of Kings Park Gallery Shop. Keep an eye out for the design Jane creates for the windows of Aspects of Kings Park which will be revealed in September for the 2019 Kings Park Festival.

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