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Rhombus Trivets

Published: 4 December 2014

Rhombus Trivets

It’s not every day you come across an object that requires you do a double take. In the case of these amusing table trivets aptly titled Rhombus, we indeed took a few more glances than perhaps necessary for a busy work day. This bundle of tessellating little beauties occupies copious amounts of curious playtime as these trivets/coasters/puzzle-pieces are simply too much fun. As a product of Stellar Atelier designs, whose theory and practice concerns itself with human play, well, at least you could say we are on point.

How they came to be is an eccentricity in itself. A trained architect, Lauren Stellar of Melbourne-based Stellar Atelier became fascinated with integrating play into functional forms. Confessing she is merely still a student of object design, Lauren’s passionate that these objects can be enjoyed by so many different people.

Lauren’s kitchen table became the catalyst for what Rhombus has come to be. A series of coloured Laminex samples repurposed as coasters sparked Lauren’s imagination and creative process. Lauren enjoyed seeing her friends and family shuffle, create and construct new forms and thought how this idea of play can be married to a functional object.

The Champ.Co Rhombus Trivets are designed and made in Melbourne, from recycled aeroplane tyres and new rubber. With child-like wonder you can playfully arrange Rhombus trivets for resting hot pots, as drink coasters, a table centrepiece or simply to encourage tessellating fun for all ages.

Maybe it’s their inherent aeronautical qualities but already at Aspects these inspiring Rhombus trivets have been flying out the door. Packaged in diamond-shaped sets comprising either 12 or 18 pieces, the sky really is the limit to how you go about using them, displaying them or just having some 'plane' good fun.

Colour-coordinated in speckled, grainy patterns of Stony Blue, Desert Red, Disco and Mixed, not only will these trivets complement most people’s kitchen and living décor, they are also made here on home turf from recycled materials – making them the perfect gift for the eco-conscious. Purchase Rhombus Trivets with select designs available at Aspects online store. Or experience the tactile joy of these and head in-store to interact with our display – as Lauren of Stellar Atelier would of course wish you to do.  

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