Philip Stokes Glass

Published: 13 August 2014

Philip Stokes Glass

If you could peek into the world of the fabulous Willy Wonka, you’d see that Aspects’ new glass artist Philip Stokes’ delicious work would be quite at home in such a wonderland. Evoking whimsy, fun and imagination and bursting with glossy fruity colour, Philip’s handmade glass looks entirely edible. Think of giant chewy jubes or moulds of sweet jelly to sink your teeth into.

Manipulating hot glass is no easy feat, yet the Melbourne glassblower’s magical technique has resulted in mesmerizing objects we insist must be seen firsthand to fully appreciate. Vases, bowls and platters comprised of globular drips of layered glass, colourful pockets and randomly formed bubbles have given Philip’s glassblowing its contemporary edge - and the attention it deserves from the massive community of glass lovers.

Remaining true to his brightly animated style, Philip plays with bold colours; varying their tonal qualities, combinations and pattern intensities. With years of experience in lighting design, Philip constantly uses light as the touchstone to his design process, studying the play of light on his mixture of translucent and transparent glass.

Philip’s sculptural art glass, still exquisitely brilliant in colour, is more a study of movement and fluidity of form. Phil manages to turn a medium so weighty and breakable into an object of balance, with twists and curves that appear to defy the laws of gravity. Leaving nothing to chance, Phil’s innate sense of balance allows him to experiment with stretching streams of glass to create delicate sculptures of awe and beauty.

With a few extra stamps on his passport, Philip’s extensive scope of work has carried him and his glass all over the world to be featured in luxury hotels, boutiques and as corporate installations. Aspects is thrilled to be showcasing his stunning collection of glasswork and believe there is a suitable piece of Philip Stokes glass to highlight a special place in anyone’s home or office. The trick is choosing which one as this range sees you’re really spoilt for choice. Catch a glimpse in-store at Aspects today.

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