New jeweller - Shabana Jacobson

Published: 7 October 2014

New jeweller - Shabana Jacobson

Dainty, amusing and chocolate-box cute is how we’d describe the magnificent makings from Melbourne jewellery designer Shabana Jacobson. While we’re at it, perhaps the same can be said of the artist herself. Shabana has been busily working out of her Fitzroy studio for eight years to create an abundance of little treasures just bursting with personality. Our sincerest apologies for not having stumbled upon Shabana's work until recently but we can all rejoice that Aspects’ now stocks this beautifully designed jewellery for you to get your hands on.

Knowing it's excellent reputation in the jewellery-making industry, in 2011 Shabana undertook NMIT's diploma of engineering technology-specialising in jewellery. After establishing all the right skills, Shabana has been successfully making jewellery from her studio space ever since. Not only artfully talented at transforming raw materials into pretty adornment, Shabana is also an accomplished painter and sculptor. Shabana’s fine arts background is evident in all her work, with her penchant for intricate scenes and playful colour unmistakable at first glance of this adorable collection.

Undoubtedly modern and fresh with themes from geometry and architecture to bunting, frills and lace as well as floral motifs, leaves and twigs - Shabana’s inspiration seems endless. Eclectic in her design approach, Shabana unapologetically combines interesting materials and mediums such as resin, porcelain, wood, silver, gold, brass, felted wool, pom poms and photos - to create her body of work. Incorporating techniques of etching, laser cut-outs and 3D folding, Shabana’s jewellery is a circus of texture and colour, with every piece evoking a lively spirit or a story to tell.

'Surface, textures, colours, the negative, the positive, the combination of organic and man-made materials, the beauty and ugliness of society and what we create from it is the driving force behind my work. I can’t look at something without all of the above flooding into my mind, from something as simple as the bitumen we walk on to complex mega structures we live in and around. My work creates itself; I am simply the vessel that delivers it.'

As Aspects’ feature artist this month, we are thrilled to be showcasing the beautiful work of this artisan as she continues her bejewelled career. If you're not one to believe hype, simply head in to Aspects today and discover how Shabana Jacobson’s glorious trinkets will have you impulsively 'oohing and aahing' in no time.

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