Meet the Artist - Ruth de Vos

Published: 29 August 2014

Meet the Artist - Ruth de Vos

Imagine hundreds of pieces of carefully colour selected fabric, all hand cut, placed and painstakingly pinned into design. Tenacity, patience and fierce attention to detail - all required at once. Using the long practised, age-old skill of quilting, Ruth creates exquisite pieces of textile art. The results are amazing; either sitting back admiring their beauty or marvelling in the intricacy of their minute detail.

These vibrant quilts incorporate traditional patchwork and quilting techniques manipulated in a contemporary way to record the experiences local Perth mother Ruth has with her children, nature and the world in which we live. With textile projects that span an array of genres, Ruth has a gift in capturing the real essence of her subjects. It is Ruth’s appreciation of the small happenings in nature where her works’ focus really shines. Ruth is inspired on a daily basis as she documents in fine detail the fabric of life. Anything like the budding of a flower, a water droplet, the texture of bark, the veins in a eucalyptus leaf or the huge variety of colour found on a gum tree, can ignite her creativity.

Ruth’s study of the Grevillia is particularly breathtaking to see up close. The loopy patterns, the distinctions in colour and the sheer expanse of some of Ruth’s quilts are impressive. The simple things we glaze over every day can often be forgotten. It is Ruth de Vos’ ability to transform these magical moments of natural wonder into artwork that is delicate and tactile, giving her designs the timeless quality and potential to be a generation hopping heirloom. You can now purchase in-store from the wide selection of Ruth’s beautiful textile pieces and take home a treasure the whole family will cherish.

At the knee of her mother, Ruth learnt how to sew. In no time at all she was stitching together everything from clothing, curtains and toys to costumes and home furnishings. Catching the crafting bug from her thrifty mother, Ruth has found it to be a lifelong invaluable skill. In fact, Ruth still has the first quilt she ever made, the very one having comforted all five of her babies.

Sometimes taking months to complete, Ruth’s quilts truly are a labour of love. If a piece is commissioned, a series of well drafted stages are first sketched. Ruth liaises with the client on every element of the design to achieve the accurate features and aesthetic feel of the piece. Once drawn up, Ruth embarks on the meticulous task of hand-dying cotton fabrics, hand cutting each piece, backing it with batting, labelling and arranging into the design ready to be hand and machine stitched into place.

In today’s consumer world of search-click-buy, it's pleasantly refreshing to meet a lady who is preserving the skills passed down from our great-grandmothers, lending such a personal touch to the art she creates. Meet her you certainly can, this month at Aspects ‘Meet the Artist’ in-store demonstrations. Come and stare in wonder at Ruth’s stunning textiles and a current work in progress as she works away on her trusty sewing machine.

'Meet the Artist' Ruth de Vos in-store at Aspects from 11am til 3pm

Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and the following week

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th of September.

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