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Meet the Artist: Penny Jewell

Published: 1 September 2017

Meet the Artist: Penny Jewell

Textile artist Penny Jewell combines her passion for textiles with a life-long interest in plants. In her studio Tinctorium, meaning 'used for dyeing or staining' in Latin, Penny creates scarves and wraps which have been dyed using native plants from her garden and the forests on her farm.

Penny finds using plant material to dye and mark fabric endlessly fascinating, as the effects are not always easy to predict and there is a degree of 'happenstance' that adds excitement.

Drop in and say hello to Penny, who will be working in-store at Aspects from Saturday 2 September, to view a large collection of her work and see how her beautiful pieces are created.

For more information about this and other Meet the Artist events visit the Kings Park Festival website.

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