Dress it up

Published: 14 November 2017

Dress it up

If you're on the guest list for a summer racing event, wedding or a Christmas gathering, find something to make you sparkle at Aspects. With Perth's best range of jewellery crafted by Australian designers, gorgeous bags, perfumes and scarves, you can be sure no one will be wearing the same thing as you.

If bright and bold is your thing, Aspects has a striking range of Dinosaur Designs jewellery that will sing to you. If delicate and dainty is more your style, check out our new range of Felicity Peters earrings and pendants.

Boutique Australian perfumery One Seed has a range of organic scents which are all crafted in their South Australian studio. From fresh florals to full-bodied woody scents, there's one to suit your personality.

Last but not least, our Convict and Small Word Dreams clutches and totes are timeless, luxurious and sure to receive compliments.

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