Celebrating our creative women

Published: 27 January 2014

Celebrating our creative women

Aspects stocks the work of over 100 Australian women designers, artists and jewellers. This month we feature just a few of our innovative female jewellery artists who each have a unique style of their own.

Jodi Penfold - Jewels of the Kimberley

Broome based Jodi Penfold has a keen eye for perfection. Jodi specialises in hand crafted unique designs combining and contrasting the purity of the pearl with the vibrant spectral colours of natural gemstones such as Kimberley diamonds and Queensland Boulder opals. 'To be able to work with a pearl from the day of seeding, to harvesting, to the grading process, then to create a unique piece of jewellery, heightens my appreciation and gives me a real sense of satisfaction at having created a piece from start to finish' - Jodi Penfold

Jin Ah Jo

Contemporary jewellery maker Jin Ah Jo incorporates steel manufacturing ideals into a creative form that can be worn. Her bold pieces use perforated mild steel and stainless steel most often used for industrial and architectural purposes. Her work is centred on the use of diverse materials moulded and shaped into sharp geometric forms that are an expression of her cultural experience, being a Korean in Australia.

Felicity Peters

Perth jeweller Felicity Peters' work combines the roles of artist, jeweller and craftsperson. Her jewellery and small sculptures are crafted from silver, 18ct and 24ct gold, green gold, semi-precious and precious stones and Japanese alloys. Personal, political and social issues play an important part in Felicity's practice, which spans almost two decades, particularly in her exhibition work. She also loves finding beautiful and colourful forms and deconstructing and reconstructing them into jewellery and objects. Exploring new ideas, experimenting and stretching ideas past her comfort zone ensures that the body of work Felicity brings to Aspects is always fresh and exciting.

Robin Wells

Perth Jeweller Robin Wells has had the urge to create for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the small town of North Dandalup she watched for hours on end as her dad, a carpenter, honed his craft in the shed. With the bush for her backyard, the natural environment and the structural intricacies of our native flora became her inspiration very early in her career. Robin has now been creating for over 20 years and continues to be inspired by her immediate surroundings, passionately crafting unique pieces from metal and colourful gemstones.


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