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Book of the month - The Kimberley, Australia's Wilderness

Published: 24 August 2018

Book of the month - The Kimberley, Australia's Wilderness

Our September book of the month 'The Kimberley, Australia’s Wilderness' by David Bettini captures the grandeur, contrasts and diverse colours of this timeless region.

The book contains breathtaking images that celebrate the stark beauty of the dry season and the drama of the wet, when thunderstorms and torrential rain descend upon this ancient landscape. David ventures up wild rivers, through the deafening roar of the Horizontal Waterfalls and into spectacular terrain, like Windjana Gorge with its hordes of steely-eyed Freshwater Crocodiles and noisy Black-flying Foxes.

A major photographic exhibition 'The Greatest Show on Earth with David Bettini' will be located on the lawn near Aspects of Kings Park during Kings Park Festival this September. Take a walk through the gardens to see thousands of wildflowers in full bloom and wander through the exhibition that will transport visitors to epic natural landscapes around WA.

David will also be conducting exhibition walks on select days this September.

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