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Book of the month - The Beach

Published: 18 November 2015

Book of the month - The Beach

Growing up on the Western Australian coastline, it was only natural that Robert Drewe, like many Australians, formed a lifelong affinity with the beach.

Deeply embedded in the Australian psyche, the beach is an integral part of our existence – a notion which led Drewe to create his latest work, entitled 'The Beach: An Australian Passion'.

The new release from the award-winning author, who is best known for his novels 'The Shark Net', 'The Rip', 'The Drowner' and 'The Bodysurfers',  is a visual ode to the ocean in all its elements: from the heavenly and hedonistic to the grisly and dangerous.

Produced with the National Library of Australia, the book showcases an incredible historical collection of beach photography spanning from Tasmania to the Northern Territory.

Detailing beloved surf spots, evolving (and often humorous!) beach fashion, beach pursuits, indigenous history and more – the book will be a treasured keepsake for any beach lover.

Drewe poses questions such as 'Why does some sand squeak?' and intersperses the beautiful imagery with personal anecdotes and beach nostalgia such as the ‘beach shack’.

One to read on the veranda as the sea breeze rolls in; the book is a stunning visual record of our vast coastline and what it means to us.

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