Book of the month - Noongar Bush Medicine

Published: 19 January 2017

Book of the month - Noongar Bush Medicine

Our February book of the month is a fascinating compilation of Noongar knowledge, which provides a fantastic resource for bush medicine and insight into traditional Noongar life.

History shows that thousands of years ago, the Noongar people were leading healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a varied diet, supportive community and without much of the stressors felt today.

Moving with the seasons, and using the native flora and fauna they had access to, the Noongar people utilised a wealth of knowledge passed down through the generations.

'Noongar Bush Medicine: Medicinal plants of the South-west of Western Australia' is the first comprehensive reference guide to the medicinal plants used by Aboriginal people of the south-west of WA prior to European settlement.

Featuring more than 90 native species, the book explains how to use plants for alternative treatments and protection from common ailments, using knowledge passed on by Noongar elders.

From treating stomach upsets and skin ailments, to respiratory conditions and overall health enhancement, the book outlines the many natural ingredients and the detailed methods the Noongar people used to prepare these ingredients.

Written by Noongar elder Vivienne Hanson in collaboration with retired nurse educator John Horsfall, the book aims to ensure this valuable knowledge is retained for generations to come.

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