Book of the month - Man Caves

Published: 11 August 2014

Book of the month - Man Caves

Man Cave. Or for those less familiar with that term; the shed, workshop or garage will do just fine. The Man Cave as we know it today has become the pinnacle of masculine desire for just about anyone over the age of fifteen bestowed with a Y chromosome. Sparking his interest, London based photographer Jasper White journeyed around this vast land of ours documenting his intrigue with these male-only sanctuaries and capturing the essence of many a manly domain.

Photographing over 100 sheds in small country towns over a two year span for this book, Jasper unearthed an amazingly diverse range of Man Caves – each uniquely telling of the character, stories and lives of their owners. Exploring the relationship people have with territory and space, Jasper’s work often involved sharing a cold beer, comfortable chair and easy conversation. 'They're almost like visual diaries of a guy's life,' White says. 'You have a sense of his aspirations, fears, loves - the whole thing is kind of there.'

Jasper also discovered these sacred sheds were serving a number of purposes. Often a place to tinker, hang out with mates, drink, work on his car or tend to hobbies, the Man Cave performs an important role as part of rural Australian culture. In towns where the local bar shuts early, a man’s shed can serve as an after-hours gathering place for the entire community. From custom-built bars and small-time casino’s to museums of antique machinery, war memorabilia and sporting shrines, to chaotic a collection of building materials, toys and electronics, the phenomena of the Man Cave is beyond measure.

Perhaps the man in your life isn’t quite as lucky and has but merely a Man Corner at home. This is perfectly fine, because with Father’s Day coming up you can give him the gift that every man wants. The Fantasy. Purchase the 'Man Caves' book by Jasper White and the possibilities in dreaming up one’s own Man Cave will be tons more fun than the real life hard slog, greasy hands and mountainous clutter you’d love to avoid. Available in-store and online.

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