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Combining traditional silver smithing techniques with a contemporary aesthetic, Alison produces a range of one-off and limited edition hollowware and jewellery pieces. Her designs are characterised by simplicity, functionality and a playful quirky twist.

Alison individually hand raises each piece of hollowware from flat sheet through to the finished form. This age old process is intensely time consuming often taking days to complete as the metal is hammered, shaped and worked.

Her jewellery collection is crafted from sterling silver and complimented with gold and oxidised finishes. Elegant simplicity is a key element to each of her designs. She draws inspiration from the clean lines of geometric shapes paired together; links form statement neckpieces and bracelets. Clean cut shapes come together to create simple, stylish jewellery accessories and soft satin finishes contrast against the clean geometric lines of her pieces.

Aspects stocks Alison’s range of jewellery, tableware and planters.

Made in Australia.

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